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Friday, 07.08.2020, 18:39

    Little Liza, who is 1.5 years old now has the hardest type of epilepsy known as Ohtahara Syndrome which is incurable. Since her birth Liza's parents fought for her life - a lot of expensive surveys has been done, loads of very expensive drugs which are not on sale in Russia were bought abroad - that is why Liza is still alive.
    Now, to save Liza, there is only one way forward - an operation on the brain, which German doctors from MARA Clinic (Krankenhaus Mara, Epilepsie-Zentrum Bethel) in Bielefeld are ready to perform. If surgery is not done, the child is doomed to infernal pain and painful death.
    We appeal for help, because we sincerely believe in the kindness and sympathy of people and because our daughter is dying. A child's life is in your hands. Help Liza live!
    To learn more about Liza, click here.

    To learn how to help Liza, please go here.
    You can also help Liza by telling about her to your friends, or posting a link to this site on your web-page or blog.
    We are most grateful for ANY help!

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